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Second-year students Sara Treloar, Rob Trasolini, and Jordan Hynd hit the links for the 2nd annual SMP Student Golf Tournament at Sunset Ranch Golf Club.

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The four pillars of the local Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital’s new third floor library include (from left) Ruth Rochlin, IH library manager for the Okanagan and West Kootenay, Trish Boleen, library technician, Diana Bang, learning services librarian for the UBC Southern Medical Program, and Dr. Cheryl Hume, Integrated Community Clerkships site director for UBC’s SMP. (Credit: Timothy Schafer, Trail Daily Times)

Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital – Never judge a library by its covers

By Timothy Schafer, Trail Daily Times

Working with Volunteer Patients

Working with Volunteer Patients

CHBC News Feature on Volunteer Patient Program

By Val Rossi, Trail Daily Times

Medical students trade books for scrubs

By Val Rossi, Trail Daily Times

Third-year UBC medical students train at Kelowna General Hospital.  About 200 UBC medical students have received training at KGH during the past three years.

Kelowna General Hospital readies for medical students

Hospital to receive its initial group of 1st-year students in January 2012.