Memory Bank

Our faculty, staff, students and alumni play integral roles in making the Southern Medical Program (SMP) the success it is today. We asked some of them to share their favourite SMP memories.

Dr. Olusegun (Segun) Oyedele, Associate Professor of Teaching

At the SMP graduation each year, I am filled with pure pride in what our students continue to achieve and the excellent professionals they have become. The feeling never ages nor fades.

Allyssa Hooper, Fourth-year Student

My most memorable SMP moment would be organizing the 8th annual charity golf tournament. Having the opportunity to organize an event with my best friends was amazing and it led to a successful outcome where we raised a record $20,000 for Hope Air. I have since taken up golfing and can’t wait to participate in future SMP golf tournaments!


Jennifer Golinski, Senior Director, Education Programs and Services

I had the absolute pleasure of being a part of building the SMP since 2010, with Dr. Allan Jones, then Regional Associate Dean, Interior, along with the SMP team. I will treasure the opportunity to have been a part of building and creating such an incredible milestone within the Interior with such an inspiring team!

Dr. Jason Randhawa, Alumni, SMP Class of 2016

Organizing swab drives for the OneMatch stem cell network at UBC Okanagan with the support of my classmates and undergraduate students.

Elaine Sykes, Program Manager, Years 3 & 4

I don’t know that I have just one memorable moment, there have been so many. But, the highlight of the last ten years has been working with the SMP Year 3 & 4 administrative team. They are my work family. We have laughed, cried and celebrated together…most definitely a lifetime, memorable experience.

Dr. Trent Smith, Site Co-Director, Royal Inland Hospital

I remember vividly when the prospect of being associated with medical school expansion was first pitched to us in Kamloops. That early enthusiasm had a lasting effect on both me, and the medical community in Kamloops. We continue to evolve our clerkship program with the expansion to eight students for the next academic year.

Dr. Cheryl Holmes, Year 3 Site Director, Kelowna General Hospital (2010-2016); Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) Program

The best part of the SMP is getting to know these extraordinary humans who will be our future colleagues  – both inside and outside the classroom.

Dr. Dianne Valenzuela, Alumni, SMP Class of 2015

There were a lot of memories, but certainly hanging out with my SMP 2015 classmates at the mostly empty building at that time. We carved out so many memories during our time in Kelowna and being the inaugural class was definitely a highlight.

Richard Xiang, Fourth-year Student

The exceptional mentorship throughout my four years of medical school has provided me with a comprehensive approach to patient care and patient safety, as well as the confidence to coordinate strong interdisciplinary care for my patients.

Dr. Kathleen Martin Ginis, Director Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention and Management

The moment we received word that after hundreds of hours of preparing documentation, attending meetings, and making presentations, the Faculty of Medicine approved the first Faculty of Medicine Centre outside of the lower mainland.

Graham Landells, Third-year Student

My most memorable SMP moment was our class trip to Big White in our first year. It was one of the last big gatherings we had before COVID and way too much fun!

Sarah Lauman, ICC Program Coordinator, Vernon Jubilee Hospital

The unplanned encounters helping or just talking with students. Knowing the work I do helps them achieve their goals really means a lot to me. The other part of my job that is worth noting is all the amazing people I work with, staff and faculty.

Aashka Jani, Third-Year Student

 Honestly, my favorite thing is hanging out with my class. Being part of a small class makes being one of the VP Socials for my class so nice! Some of my best memories are when we are playing spikeball, visiting wineries and breweries, and just spending time on the beach.

Dr. Sidney Morrison, Alumni, SMP Class of 2018

We created a video in our fourth year. A dub of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Dr. O, Finn, the Dean, all the support staff and our classmates participated. It was a fun collaboration with the entire SMP family.

Dr. Jordan Nostedt, Alumni, SMP Class of 2015

Completing my clerkship in Kamloops. The group of surgeons there were very influential in developing my interest in surgery. I also have fond memories in second year of skiing fresh powder at Big White in the morning when no lecture was scheduled, and still making it back for class in the afternoon.