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Southern Medical Program

RHSCThe Southern Medical Program (SMP), based in the Interior of British Columbia, is the fourth site in UBC’s MD Undergraduate Program. UBC's MD Program is one of the first of its kind in North America distributing the entire four-year MD undergraduate curriculum across four geographically distinct sites.

Distributed medical education aims to increase the number of rural and aboriginal students seeking medical careers. Medical education opportunities outside of urban centres allow students to complete their training in rural and underserved communities, where, as studies suggest, they are more likely to return to practise once their training is complete.

Technology is a key component in the delivery of distributed medical education. Each University Campus, Clinical Academic Campus and Affiliated Regional Centre is equipped with videoconferencing technology, linking all four university campuses and numerous teaching hospitals. The technology allows faculty members to conduct teaching sessions with medical students and residents from any of these locations across the province. Students at all sites share interactive, simultaneous classes, connected by some of the most advanced audio-visual technology in the world.

SMP students are admitted through the same process and follow the same curriculum as their peers in the Island Medical Program (IMP), Northern Medical Program (NMP), and Vancouver Fraser Medical Program (VFMP). SMP graduates will receive a UBC MD degree.

SMP Milestones 

  • April 2005: Premier Campbell announces that the expansion and distribution of UBC's MD Undergraduate Program  will include the Interior
  • September 2007: Premier Campbell announces creation of Southern Medical Program, the program's fourth site
  • April 2008: Funding letter received; capital, startup and operational funding is in place
  • September 2008: Appointment of Site Education Leaders in the Interior
  • November 2008: Construction of Clinical Academic Campus and Reichwald Health Sciences Centre begins 
  • November 2008: A Clinical Education Planning Team is operational
  • April 2009: Appointment of Dr Allan Jones as Regional Associate Dean, Interior
  • May 2009: Two clerkship pilots implemented and evaluated, two implemented with evaluation pending and four clerkship pilots in planning for 2009/10
  • June 2009: Communications plan developed
  • December 2009: Key administrative staff hired
  • February 2010: Clinical Academic Campus opened at Kelowna General Hospital
  • January 2012: The inaugural SMP class begin studies in the Interior
  • June 2012: Pritchard Simulation Centre opens at Clinical Academic Campus
  • September 2012: Reichwald Health Sciences Centre officially opens at UBC's Okanagan campus
  • April 2015:  The inaugural SMP class graduates and enters residency training

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