The Southern Medical Program (SMP) relies on the community to support learning, teaching, and research opportunities for our students and faculty across the BC Interior.

Volunteer Patients

Volunteer Patients allow medical students to gain confidence and competence with communication and clinical skills in a realistic setting.

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Standardized Patients

Standardized Patients are healthy individuals trained to portray the personal history, physical symptoms, emotional characteristics and everyday concerns of a case patient.

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Clinical Teaching Associates

Using their own bodies to teach, Clinical Teaching Associates train students how to perform sensitive exams and develop communication techniques.

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Support the SMP

The SMP’s collaborative partnerships with the medical community, Interior Health, and private donors play a significant role in our continued success.

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Researchers and health professionals share their insights and expertise on how to enhance your overall health as part of a health education speaker series.

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Healthcare Travelling Roadshow

The Healthcare Travelling Roadshow takes a multidisciplinary group of health profession students to rural BC communities to showcase career opportunities to high school students.

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