The Faculty of Medicine is helping to address the urgent need for more doctors in every region of the province, particularly in rural, northern and island areas.

Southern Medical Program Alumni

A member of the Southern Medical Program’s inaugural class, Dr. Jim Huang now works as a hospitalist at Kelowna General Hospital.

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A Career in Medicine

Meet the health-care challenges of tomorrow with a career based on evidence-based practice, critical reflection, lifelong learning and the highest standards of professionalism.

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A Distributed Model of Education

Train in over 30 different communities across the BC Interior.

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Apply to UBC Medicine

Find out more about the upcoming application timelines. Deadline to apply is mid-September.

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Year 3 – Integrated Community Clerkship

Discover a different learning model available for third-year medical students in rural communities across BC.

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Student Experience

    Prospective Student Resources

    Financial Planning

    UBC provides advising and resources to help students financially prepare for their education.

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    Student Affairs

    UBC has a dedicated team to support students with their health and wellness and career planning needs.

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    Student Research

    UBC provides students opportunities and funding to engage in medical research during the summer.

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    Postgraduate Education

    UBC offers Family Medicine and 77 specialty and sub-specialty training programs across BC.

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