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The Southern Medical Program requires physicians, allied health professionals, and staff to support program delivery across our distributed education sites. Learn more about the various ways you can support medical education in the BC Interior.

Faculty Leadership & Staff

Faculty leadership postings are administered by the UBC Faculty of Medicine. Visit Faculty of Medicine careers for more information. Staff postings are administered by UBC. Visit UBC careers for more information.

Current Postings

No postings at this time. Please check back.

Clinical Faculty

The Southern Medical Program is actively recruiting clinical faculty to teach and mentor students, help with admissions interviews, and support case-based learning.

Case Based Learning (CBL) – Teach Years 1 & 2 in Case-Based Learning (CBL), an approach to small group learning in the MD Undergraduate Program.

Family Practice (Seminars) – Teach Years 1 & 2 students on topics such as: Vital Signs, Geriatric Medicine, Health Equity, Physical Activity, Reflections and Boundaries, Office Procedures, Hypertension, Headache, Diabetes, Heart Failure, Contraception.

Clinical Skills Tutors
– Teach a small group of Years 1 & 2 students with volunteer patients at the Clinical Academic Campus.

Flexible Enhanced Learning (FLEX)

  • Activity Supervisor – work with students (Years 1, 2, and 4) to develop activities that foster innovation, creativity, critical thought, and community engagement.
  • Advisor – guide a small group of students (Years 1, 2, and 4) as they pursue activities that explore their individual learning interests.

Seminar/Small Group Teaching – Lead Years 1 and 2 students through ECG Workshops / Cases, Congenital Anomalies Workshop, Shock Cases, Acid-Base Cases, Basic Procedures Workshop, Radiology Seminar, Becoming a Clerk, Pathology small group sessions.

For more information, contact (Years 1 and 2) or (Years 3 and 4).

Family Practice (Clinic Visits) – Teach Years 1 & 2 students in your practice for one half-day per week.

Teaching in Clinical Education – Teach Years 3 & 4 students in hospitals and clinics in Kelowna, Kamloops, Vernon, Trail, and throughout the Interior Health region.

Learn more about teaching in the Integrated Community Clerkship model.

For more information, contact (Years 1 and 2) or (Years 3 and 4).

Faculty Recruitment Overviews

Kamloops Specialists
Kamloops Family Practice
Family Practice (Interior Health region)

Portfolio Coach – support a small group of students develop transferable competencies in critical reflection and the self-regulation of learning.

Examinations – help support OSCEs (Objective Structured Clinical Examinations) for students from all four years. For more information, contact

Admissions – help select new students as part of the MD Admissions interview process held in Vancouver each February. For more information, contact

Mentorship – support students through informal discussions about their progress, challenges and well-being. Mentoring is a non-teaching voluntary activity. For more information, contact

Accreditation standards require all physicians supervising UBC students to hold a UBC Clinical Faculty Appointment (CFA). A CFA is also necessary to receive compensation for teaching students.

Each Department has a Departmental Clinical Faculty Appointment and Promotion Committee (DCFAPC) which varies in composition according to Departmental needs.Its role is to deliberate and make recommendations on the appointment, reappointment and promotion of Clinical Faculty. The timing and frequency of DCFAPC meetings varies from Department to Department and in some Departments occurs only once a year. However, once your Clinical Faculty Appointment application has been submitted, your appointment is considered In Process which means you may be a preceptor for UBC students and may be remunerated for the teaching that you provide.

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As a clinical faculty member, you may be eligible for compensation. Teaching activities are compensated in accordance with the Faculty of Medicine Policy on CFAs.

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Clinical faculty are eligible to for discounts on computer software and departmental purchases, travel (air tickets, car rentals, hotel rates, YVR airport parking) and UBC attractions (i.e. Botanical Gardens; Museum of Anthropology). Additionally, you can apply for a UBC library card and facilitate web access.

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Apply For Clinical Faculty Appointment

To apply for a Clinical Faculty Appointment or obtain more information, contact Tessa D Russell, Faculty Coordinator at or 250.807.9149.