Faculty Development

Thank you for your commitment to advancing medical education across the BC Interior. Within this section, you will find various teaching resources to support your faculty development needs. We welcome your feedback as we strive to support our clinical faculty from across our distributed education sites.

For more information, contact Dr. Cara Wall, Director, Faculty Development at cara.wall@ubc.ca or Jenna Pelletier, Administrative Assistant at jenna.pelletier@ubc.ca.

The Office of Faculty Development’s Peer to Peer Program foster a supportive, interprofessional community of clinical teachers with different professional backgrounds who come together to enhance their teaching approaches. Read more

Teacher Certificate Program 1: Foundational Teaching – Five online workshops. First session will be held on October 23, 2023. Read more

Teacher Certificate Program 2: Career Planning & Wellness – Five online workshops. First session will be held on November 21, 2023. Read more

The Faculty of Medicine is committed to creating a learning and work environment conducive to optimal education, research, and clinical care. We encourage all faculty and staff to:

  1. Visit UBC Mistreatment Help to familiarize yourself with the resources available and applicable policies.
  2. Visit the MD Students: Reporting to review with the student the MD specific definitions of Mistreatment and Learning Environment Concerns, the reporting process and supportive resources.
  3. Encourage the student to Report Online. Do not report online on behalf of the student.
  4. If the student is reporting sexual assault or violence, please assist the student in accessing the Vancouver Sexual Violence and Prevention Office (for VFMP, IMP and NMP students) or the Okanagan Sexual Violence and Prevention Office (SMP students).
  5. Refer to UBC Faculty of Medicine Professionalism Standards for more information.

The Building Safe and Supportive Learning Environments module introduces faculty to student mistreatment policies and reporting process as well as provides resources for faculty.

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Explore the Faculty of Medicine’s extensive library of video and presentations to support your teaching needs.

Clinical Teaching Mini Modules

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