Faculty Development

Thank you for your commitment to advancing medical education across the BC Interior. Within this section, you will find various teaching resources to support your faculty development needs. We welcome your feedback as we strive to support our clinical faculty from across our distributed education sites.

For more information, contact Dr. Robyn Hutchings, Director, Faculty Development or robyn.hutchings@ubc.ca or Jessica Russo, Faculty Development Coordinator at jessica.russo@interiorhealth.ca.

The Faculty of Medicine is committed to creating a learning and work environment conducive to optimal education, research, and clinical care. We encourage all faculty and staff to:

  1. Visit UBC Mistreatment Help to familiarize yourself with the resources available and applicable policies.
  2. Visit the MD Students: Reporting to review with the student the MD specific definitions of Mistreatment and Learning Environment Concerns, the reporting process and supportive resources.
  3. Encourage the student to Report Online. Do not report online on behalf of the student.
  4. If the student is reporting sexual assault or violence, please assist the student in accessing the Vancouver Sexual Violence and Prevention Office (for VFMP, IMP and NMP students) or the Okanagan Sexual Violence and Prevention Office (SMP students).
  5. Refer to UBC Faculty of Medicine Professionalism Standards for more information.

The Building Safe and Supportive Learning Environments module introduces faculty to student mistreatment policies and reporting process as well as provides resources for faculty.

SMP Teacher Certificate Program

The SMP Teacher Certificate Program is designed for physicians teaching medical students or residents in clinical or didactic environments. It includes five workshops focused on improving teaching skills and creating an optimal learning environment for teachers and learners.

Each monthly session will be 1.5-2 hours and eligible for MOC Section 1 / MainPro+ credits. Participants who complete all five sessions will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.

Sessions will be at the Clinical Academic Campus in Kelowna and videoconferenced to our distributed education sites.

Session 1: Learning Relationships

Optimize the learner and teacher relationship, integrate a learner’s educational history and goals, support learners in difficulty. Discuss student mistreatment and the learning environment.

September 26, 2019

5:30 to 7:00 pm

Facilitator: Dr. Cheryl Holmes

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Session 2: Active Learning

Learn how to facilitate active learning environments appropriate to the learner’s stage.


October 24, 2019

5:30 to 7:00 pm

Facilitator: Dr. Bill Upward

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Session 3: Learning Context

Effectively maximize learning opportunities specific to the context and teach in a manner best aligned with teaching and learning goals.

November 21, 2019

5:30 to 7:00 pm

Facilitator: Dr. Mike Purdon

Session 4: Assessment

Discuss differences between formative and summative assessment tools, review utility of direct observation, discuss programmatic assessment.
Discuss assessment in our own practices, regulatory bodies and dealing with complaints.

January 23, 2020

5:30 to 7:00 pm

Facilitator: Dr. Vince Arockiasamy
& Dr. Marjorie Docherty

Session 5: Feedback & Reflection

Establish conditions for effective feedback and reflection, discuss principles and tools to facilitate provision of feedback to learners, discuss generational differences in providing and receiving feedback.

February 27, 2020

5:30 to 7:00 pm

Facilitator: Dr. Glenn Regehr


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