Faculty Research

The Southern Medical Program offers assistance to clinical faculty engaged in research across the BC Interior. Discover how we can enhance your research with student support and knowledge translation services.

For more information, contact Diane Oorebeek, Research, Lab, and Facilities Manager at diane.oorebeek@ubc.ca.

The Southern Medical Program has a librarian based on the UBC Okanagan to support faculty research with:

  • searching medical literature.
  • getting the most out of PubMed.
  • citation and data management.
  • evaluating and selecting journals for potential publication.
  • navigating the realm of literature reviews from rapid reviews to comprehensive systematic reviews.

If you have questions, or would like to book an appointment, contact Mathew Vis-Dunbar at mathew.vis-dunbar@ubc.ca.


SMP students are actively searching for new research projects in  to engage with and support. The Faculty of Medicine also offers a number programs to support research and community engagement including:

Summer Student Research Projects

First and second year SMP students are eligible to apply for research funding from the Faculty of Medicine or the Southern Medical Program to support their participation in eight weeks of supervised research occurring between June 1 and August 31. This program is funded by a number of different sources. The Interior Health Authority (IHA), one of these funding sources, supports student research projects taking place within the IHA region.

Please contact diane.oorebeek@ubc.ca for more information.


The FLEX (Flexible and Enhanced Learning) course is designed to foster innovation, creativity, critical thought, and community engagement to help prepare students for their future medical careers. Visit the FLEX website to learn more.

Please contact sara.theriault@ubc.ca for more information.

Once you have published your research, we can help share your findings with the Faculty of Medicine, Interior Health, and the general public. Please contact warren.brock@ubc.ca for more information.