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Clinical Faculty Appointments & Benefits

Why do I need a UBC Clinical Faculty Appointment?

Accreditation standards require all physicians supervising UBC students to hold UBC Clinical Faculty appointments. A Clinical Faculty Appointment (CFA) is also necessary to receive compensation for teaching UBC students.

How do I apply?

Please contact Donna Russo, SMP Faculty Coordinator at or 250.807.9189 to facilitate the process.

How long does the appointment process take?

Each Department has a Departmental Clinical Faculty Appointment and Promotion Committee (DCFAPC) which varies in composition according to Departmental needs. Its role is to deliberate and make recommendations on the appointment, reappointment and promotion of Clinical Faculty. The timing and frequency of DCFAPC meetings varies from Department to Department and in some Departments occurs only once a year. However, once your Clinical Faculty Appointment application has been submitted, your appointment is considered In Process which means you may be a preceptor for UBC students and may be remunerated for the teaching that you provide.

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As a clinical faculty member you may be eligible for compensation. Teaching activities are compensated in accordance with the Faculty of Medicine Policy on Clinical Faculty Appointments.

View UBC Clinical Faculty 2013-15 Compensation Terms (PDF)


As a Clinical Faculty Member, you are eligible to for discounts on computer software and departmental purchases, travel (air tickets, car rentals, hotel rates, YVR airport parking) and UBC attractions (i.e. Botanical Gardens; Museum of Anthropology). Additionally, you can apply for a UBC library card and facilitate web access.

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