Female Clinical Teaching Associate Program Recruiting

The Southern Medical Program is looking for female volunteers to help teach second-year medical students how to perform gynecological and breast exams.

These volunteers, known as Female Clinical Teaching Associates (FCTAs), are trained to be both instructor and patient during these sensitive physical exams. Together with a physician tutor, FCTAs help a small group of students develop a comfortable communication style and the techniques required to conduct an effective examination. FCTAs will participate in two or three exams per teaching session, and must support students in a highly professional manner.

Females interested in training as FCTAs must be comfortable with their bodies, since these intimate examinations may involve mild physical discomfort. Suitable candidates will learn related anatomy, medical terminology, and exam techniques; have strong communication skills; and provide effective feedback.


What kind of training will I receive?

You will become a confident and certified FCTA through our intensive training session, which covers anatomy, medical terminology, physician-patient communication, and physical exam skills. You’ll participate in team-building exercises, group workshops, and hands-on curriculum practice.

Will I be examined by both male and female students?

Yes. It is important that an FCTA works with medical students, regardless of their sex or gender, to improve their technique and communications skills, and to ensure they deliver a proper examination.

What if I’m not feeling comfortable at any point?

Please let us know immediately. Your well-being is our priority, and so is your privacy—all SMP faculty and students are bound by the Canadian Medical Association Code of Ethics, meaning your information is kept confidential.

When and where will I be needed?

All sessions are held at Clinical Academic Campus at Kelowna General Hospital. Physical exams occur in the fall term (September – October). An FCTA must have a flexible schedule to accommodate morning sessions.

Will I be paid?

FCTAs are paid for the training sessions and for each exam session.

Who to contact?

If you are interested in participating or would like more information, please contact the Shaun Bos, Patient Programs Educator at shaun.bos@ubc.ca or 250-980-1341.