Southern Medical Program 2019 Graduate – Ali Silver

Ali Silver

Hometown: Victoria

What attracted you to the field of medicine?
I’ve always been fascinated by human anatomy with its variant structures and pathologies – in fact, as a 12-year-old, I opted to read an anatomy atlas instead of a fiction on a family vacation. However, I began my undergraduate degree studying Fine Art, and it wasn’t until I realized I missed learning about human sciences that I considered pursing medicine. At that time, I looked up the curriculum for Canadian medical schools, and saw blocks of “neurology”, “cardiology”, reproductive health”, etc. I couldn’t shake the idea of getting to learn all about the human body and all about how to diagnose and treat medical conditions. I had to learn it, it was everything I wanted to know and do. After four years at the SMP, I still feel every bit as excited and passionate about medicine.

In 10 years, what UBC moment will you still be talking about?
I have had so, so many amazing times at UBC over the past four years, it’s hard to narrow it down to one. If I have to decide, I think the memory I will still be talking about is the time our class got together at the end of year 3 for a potluck dinner at our classmate’s house on Okanagan Lake. Everyone was there, we had a big fire, and we just talked about how nervous and excited we all were to start our fourth year elective adventures. It felt like being with family. Match day, of course, was another extremely special day for everyone at the SMP!

What’s next for you?
I matched to UBC Radiology! I will be moving to Vancouver with my partner Will, getting a dog and settling back on the coast. Visual diagnostics have always really appealed to me – radiologists have the privilege of exploring the body as profession, and the sheer volume of daily cases that they see exposes them to rare and unpredictable findings in every organ system. I am extremely excited to focus my energy on this specialty.

As you look ahead, what (or who) inspires you?
I am always inspired by my classmates/colleagues. My friends in medicine show me every day how to balance being a dedicated learner, a hard working teammate, and a good friend. They motivate me to keep doing the best I can by setting good examples. I know that they will continue to inspire me throughout my residency.

Name one thing on your bucket list.
I’ve always wanted to do a walking tour of Japan from Tokyo to Kyoto.