Canadian Women Physicians’ Day: Meet Dr. Larsen

On March 11, 2021, Canadian Women in Medicine, a non-profit organization that connects and supports women physicians, invites everyone to celebrate the first ever Canadian Women Physicians’ Day. March 11th was chosen to honour Dr. Jennie Trout, the first woman licensed to practice medicine in Canada.

Meet Dr. Carmen Larsen, a family physician and Site Director for the Southern Medical Program’s Integrated Community Clerkship in Vernon.

Tell us a bit about your practice:

I am a family doctor with a varied practice of locums, OR assist, corrections medicine, virtual medicine and end-of-life care. As the Site Director in Vernon, I try to not only foster the medical skills and education of the Year 3 students, but also offer an example of creating your own path in medicine that is sustainable and impactful for individuals and families.

Words of advice for future women physicians:

It took me too long to recognize the irreplaceable delight of female mentors and colleagues for laughter, collaboration and even promotion. Do not undervalue the importance of social networks of women to make change and push for equity. Finally, be gentle to yourself for the ups and downs of life, in work and at home. None of us gets it perfect: if you see someone you think is making it look easy, ask her to go for tea or coffee and then get the real story.