SMP Faculty Q&A: Dr. Daryl Wile

Dr. Daryl Wile

Name:  Dr. Daryl Wile
Clinical Faculty Rank:
Clinical Assistant Professor, UBC Department of Medicine
Foundations of Medical Practice, Clinical Skills, FLEX, Clerkship, Postgraduate Training

What’s your best approach to providing an engaging and positive teaching session?
I love to teach with analogy as a way to build relationships with other knowledge. Clinical cases also provide a great structure if time is taken to get to know the patients, as their stories will reinforce the memory of important concepts and findings.

How have learners benefited your practice?
When I am working with learners I refresh my knowledge of what is new in the field. The biggest benefit though is the boost of enthusiasm it brings to practice. For me, it’s energizing and refreshing to get people interested in neurology.

How has teaching impacted your well-being or approach to the work day?
Being a well-rounded person with balance in life is a fundamental part of becoming a good doctor. Meeting students and residents who are amazing people in their lives outside of medicine is a great reminder of this. For me, teaching provides balance for the pressure of clinical work and helps create a refreshing and sustainable practice. I have found connecting with other faculty, staff and students has countered the remoteness and isolation that has waxed and waned through the course of the pandemic.

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