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Communications Manager

Southern Medical Program
Office: Reichwald Health Sciences Centre
Phone: 250.807.8601
Email: warren.brock@ubc.ca


Dr. Amy Kluftinger has been appointed as Family Practice Lead for the Southern Medical Program (SMP). Dr. Kluftinger is a Kelowna-based family physician and Clinical Instructor with the UBC Department of Family Practice.

Dr. Kluftinger completed her medical degree at UBC and residency training at Queen’s University, where she served as Chief Resident for the Belleville-Quite site. She then completed further training in Obstetrics and Women’s Health with the UBC Family Medicine Enhanced Skills Program. Dr. Kluftinger has been a strong advocate for medical education throughout her career. Presently, she serves as a preceptor for the Family Practice, Clinical Skills, and Transition to Clinical Education courses in addition to serving as OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) examiner.

Dr. Kluftinger will work closely with the Regional Associate Dean, Interior and Years 1 & 2 team to optimize learning environments for SMP students and faculty. She will also work in conjunction with Family Practice Leads from the Island Medical Program, Northern Medical Program and Vancouver-Fraser Medical Program for the Faculty of Medicine.

A new Faculty of Medicine Research Centre has been established at UBC Okanagan. The Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention and Management (CCDPM) will serve as a provincial leader for research, knowledge translation and exchange in the urgent research field of chronic diseases.

Led by Dr. Kathleen Martin Ginis, Professor with the Southern Medical Program and UBC Okanagan Faculty of Health and Social Development, the CCDPM is the Faculty of Medicine’s first research centre located outside of the Lower Mainland.

“We are excited for the opportunity to create new research excellence for the Faculty of Medicine in the BC Interior,” says Martin Ginis, CCDPM Director. “Our expanding research team is poised to leverage the diverse strengths of researchers and healthcare professionals to advance chronic disease research across the province and nationally.”

The Centre will focus primarily on the prevention and self-management of diabetes and obesity, cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary diseases, and neurological disorders. In addition, researchers will help advance medical care, health behaviours, and resources to improve self-management of chronic disease.

Martin Ginis highlighted the expansion of collaborative partnerships with UBC Okanagan, Interior Health, UBC Faculty of Medicine, and healthcare professionals as a key catalyst to the Centre’s growth and impact.

“It’s imperative that our research be responsive to healthcare delivery on the front lines,” adds Martin Ginis. “The results need to be highly adaptable and help improve the lives of patients across British Columbia.”

For more information, visit http://ccdpm.med.ubc.ca.

Southern Medical Program (SMP) clinical faculty and UBC resident physicians from across the BC Interior are invited to register for 2019/2020 Teacher Certificate Program.

The program is designed for physicians teaching medical students or residents in clinical or didactic environments. It includes five workshops focused on improving teaching skills and creating an optimal learning environment for teachers and learners.

Each monthly session will be 1.5-2 hours and eligible for MOC Section 1 / MainPro+ credits. Participants who complete all five sessions will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.

Sessions will be at the Clinical Academic Campus in Kelowna and videoconferenced to our distributed education sites.

Session 1: Active Learning

Learn how to facilitate active learning environments appropriate to the learner’s stage.

September 26, 2019

5:30 to 7:00 pm

Facilitator: Mr. Bill Upward

Session 2: Learning Relationships

Optimize the learner and teacher relationship, integrate a learner’s educational history and goals, support learners in difficulty. Discuss student mistreatment and the learning environment.

October 24, 2019

5:30 to 7:00 pm

Facilitator: Dr. Cheryl Holmes

Session 3: Learning Context

Effectively maximize learning opportunities specific to the context and teach in a manner best aligned with teaching and learning goals.

November 21, 2019

5:30 to 7:00 pm

Facilitator: Dr. Mike Purdon

Session 4: Assessment

Discuss differences between formative and summative assessment tools, review utility of direct observation, discuss programmatic assessment.
Discuss assessment in our own practices, regulatory bodies and dealing with complaints.

January 23, 2020

5:30 to 7:00 pm

Facilitator: Dr. Vince Arockiasamy
& Dr. Marjorie Docherty

Session 5: Feedback & Reflection

Establish conditions for effective feedback and reflection, discuss principles and tools to facilitate provision of feedback to learners, discuss generational differences in providing and receiving feedback.

February 27, 2020

5:30 to 7:00 pm

Facilitator: Dr. Glenn Regehr

To register, please email Jessica Russo by September 13, 2019 and include your name, contact information, current area of practice and location. Videoconference will be available in Kamloops, Vernon, and Trail. We ask that participants make every effort to attend at their local site to support group discussions.

The Southern Medial Program is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Christine Voss to the Chronic Disease Prevention Program (CDPP). Dr. Voss is an accomplished research scientist and Clinical Assistant Professor with the UBC Department of Pediatrics.

Dr. Voss earned a BSc in Biochemistry from Royal Holloway, University of London and a MSc in Sports Sciences from Brunel University, UK. She then completed her PhD in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Essex, UK where she examined the association between cardiovascular health and modifiable health behaviours in children. Dr. Voss then trained as a postdoctoral research fellow at the Centre for Hip Health & Mobility at UBC between 2011-2015, before joining the Children’s Heart Centre at BC Children’s Hospital and UBC’s Department of Pediatrics as a Research Associate in 2015. Her research is focused on physical activity and health in children and youth in both clinical and community-based settings, and in particular the use of state-of-the-art technologies to objectively assess complex physical activity behaviours.

Dr. Voss will work closely with Dr. Kathleen Martin Ginis and the growing research team. She will collaborate with faculty and key research stakeholders from UBC Okanagan, Interior Health, and other community-based health organizations.

The Southern Medical Program says a fond farewell to Dr. Allan Jones, the founding Regional Associate Dean, Interior.

Since arriving in Kelowna in 2009, Dr. Jones was instrumental in spearheading the development and evolution of a new regional medical program for the Faculty of Medicine and the province. Through his commitment to social accountability and medical education excellence, he has fostered and sustained outstanding learning environments for our students across the BC Interior. Additionally, he has championed the creation of a new research program based at UBC Okanagan that will advance the urgent field of chronic disease prevention and management.

Thank you Dr. Jones!

Photo gallery from the past 10 years.

Join us as students from the Southern Medical Program and research interns with BC Cancer Kelowna present their research projects over the summer.

Learn more about interesting research supported through the Faculty of Medicine’s Summer Student Research Program and BC Cancer Internship Program.

Time:  12:00 to 1:00 PM
Location: Okanagan Room at BC Cancer Kelowna, 399 Royal Avenue, Kelowna, BC
Dates: July 4, July 18th, August 1st, August 15th, August 29th

Presentations are free to attend and open to the public. For more info, contact celine.edwards@bccancer.bc.ca.

Each year, Southern Medical Program (SMP) students recognize outstanding faculty and staff across the BC Interior for making exceptional contributions to their medical education.

Congratulations to the 2019 honourees and thank you for your dedication and commitment to the medical education excellence for SMP students.

Year 1 Southern Medical Program Excellence Award
Year 2 Southern Medical Program Excellence Award
Matt Daalder, Laboratory Assistant



Year 3 Southern Medical Program Excellence Award – Kamloops
Dr. Remy Wong, Clinical Instructor, UBC Department of Medicine




Year 3 Southern Medical Program Excellence Award – Kelowna
Amy Zimmer, Year 3 Program Coordinator




Year 3 Southern Medical Program Excellence Award – Trail
Dr. Libby McCoid, Clinical Instructor, UBC Department of Family Practice




Year 3 Southern Medical Program Excellence Award – Vernon
Dr. Nicholas Half, Clinical Instructor, UBC Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology




Southern Medical Program Graduating Class Award
Dr. Jeff Douziech, Clinical Instructor, UBC Department of Psychiatry




Southern Medical Program Graduating Class Award
Dr. Trent Smith, Clinical Assistant Professor, UBC Department of Pediatrics




The 2019 UBC Okanagan Interdisciplinary Student Health Conference was held earlier this year at the Clinical Academic Campus at Kelowna General Hospital.

Students from the Southern Medical Program, UBC Okanagan, and BC Cancer-Kelowna presented their research and public health experiences to local healthcare professionals and the community. Thanks to all of our participants and congratulations to this year’s conference honourees.

Clinical Care
Top Honours: Dakota Peacock, Southern Medical Program; Title: Needs Assessment of Rural Telemedicine Care for Parkinson Disease in British Columbia
Honourable Mention: Hannah Dreksler, Southern Medical Program; Title: What is the Cost of a “Cast Holiday” in Treating Children with Early Onset Scoliosis (EOS) with Elongation Derotation Flexion (EDF, “Mehta”) Casting?

Top Honours: Peter Baumeister, Southern Medical Program; Title: Cadaveric Anatomical Education – Quality Improvement through Index Card
Honourable Mention: Ellen Gates, UBCO Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Title: Signaling Between Gut Microbiota and Immune Cells of the Brain  

Public Health
Top Honours: Sarah Daniels, UBCO Department of Psychology; Clinical Psychology; Title: Prenatal Cannabis Use: Therapeutic Use and Pharmacological Substitution in a Prenatal Sample
Honourable Mention: Bhavan Panghali, Southern Medical Program; Title: A Qualitative Study of the Efficacy of Implementing Health Record Cards for Nepalese Children at Sonrisa Orphanage

Top Honours: Stefanie Ciszewski, UBCO Department of Psychology; Clinical Psychology; Title: Small-Change Behavioural Intervention Approaches to Weight Loss: A Systematic Review
Honourable Mention: Kasia Niewinski, UBCO Arts, Psychology; Title: The Role of Psychopathic Traits in the Perception of Pain in Others
Honourable Mention: Victoria Scotney, UBCO Arts, Psychology; Title: Gender Bias in the Perception and Treatment of Pain

The SMP Class of 2019 took part in their official hooding and graduation ceremonies took place in Vancouver on May 21 and 22, 2019. We wish them the best of luck for their residency and hope to see them back in the Interior in the not so distant future.

Read the SMP Class of 2019 Graduation Newsletter.

Claire MacKinlay

Hometown: Kamloops

What attracted you to the field of medicine?
From the outside, medicine promises to be the perfect combination of being both a scientific expert and someone who can affect change through positive impact on others. And you know what…it delivers! I feel so lucky all the time for the opportunity to be part of this unique profession.

In 10 years, what UBC moment will you still be talking about?
Lots, I’m sure, but a few that come to mind are the early OR bloopers (details omitted to save face), class trips, rural experiences, and that lecturer who jumps on the desk every year preaching about children who vomit green.

What’s next for you?
I’m privileged to be heading home to Kamloops for my family residency training, and taking a few SMP friends with me! I’m want to spend the coming years developing a broad skill set that will allow me to engage in the full breadth family medicine has to offer and do some work in rural communities.

As you look ahead, what (or who) inspires you?
Even since before starting medical school, I’ve been contemplating how as physicians, we have a privileged position that can be used to lead change, both in our communities and on a global scale. It continues to inspire me to question the status quo and think about social justice. I’ve met some really wonderful physician mentors throughout my training, some in real life and others only through their work. Lately, I’m really inspired by both Atul Gawande and his focus on improving patient care and my older sister who is 9 years ahead of me in her career path with a thriving and diverse clinical practice and a healthy work-life balance. Also, Beyonce.

Name one thing on your bucket list.
Star in a broadway play…or at the very least make it to New York to watch one.