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Join Our Team

Join Our TeamExpansion of UBC’s MD Undergraduate Program to the BC Interior has helped build and engage a robust community of teaching physicians across our region. More than 700 Interior-based physicians are currently involved with teaching the next generation of doctors for our province.

Since the launch of the Southern Medical Program in September 2011, 96 new medical students have been admitted to the program with another 32 to be added annually. These students are direct benefactors from the expertise and experience that our faculty has to offer.

While the growth of our faculty has been tremendous, there is a pressing need to recruit new faculty to assist with teaching in both clinical and academic settings. Of particular focus is the development of new fourth year electives in communities across the BC Interior to support the increased teaching demand.

Teaching Activities

Family practitioners and specialists teach clinical skills, act as problem-based learning tutors and teach Doctor, Patient and Society (a medical humanities course). Family practitioners also act as preceptors in the Family Practice Continuum and Rural Family Practice course.

Specialist clinicians supervise students in the clinical clerkship programs. All teachers in the program must be eligible for UBC Faculty appointments and will receive ongoing support. A program will be in place to recognize innovation and excellence in teaching and learning.

Physicians teach for a number of reasons. Some enjoy working with enthusiastic students; some feel that it is important to showcase their discipline or their community to ensure future recruitment, while others find education adds interest to their day-to-day clinical work.

Comments from our faculty regarding the benefits of teaching:

“Being a part of education is a tribute to my previous mentors and teachers.”

Dr. Aisha Manji

“It’s interesting working with students 20 years younger who have new ideas and approaches – they also educate me.”

Dr. Ron Cameron

“When the light bulb goes off, it is a very rewarding experience.”

Dr. Gary Victor

“I really appreciated the learning opportunities given to me and feel we owe the effort to the students coming in behind us.”

Dr. Trent Smith

To learn more about how to join our clinical faculty, see Clinical Faculty Appointment & Benefits.

Learning to Teach 

In order to assist you in your professional development as a medical educator, the SMP offers a variety of workshops and sessions throughout the BC Interior to try and meet the needs and schedules of each of our distributed sites.

See Resources for useful links, presentations and videos and Events for information on upcoming faculty development sessions.

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