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SMP Office of Student Affairs

The SMP Student Affairs Team offers a supportive and confidential service for students throughout their medical school training. We maintain an open-door policy and an “arms-length” relationship with the academic team.

Student Affairs

We promote students’ professional growth and well-being by…   

  • supporting students through all stages of their medical education from 1st Year orientation to graduation
  • providing advice and advocacy for academic, personal, medical and financial issues
  • connecting to appropriate campus and community resources to deal with these issues
  • assisting with career planning in a timely, step-wise fashion during medical school
  • supporting student initiatives that promote well-being (student-driven interest groups; health & wellness research, activities, and events)
  • supporting student initiatives that involve the community, including charitable events

When should students contact Student Affairs?

  • whenever a question, concern or need arises that may impact on a student’s studies or well-being
  • contact us early, before issues intensify (problems that seem small may become troubling or disruptive if not dealt with promptly)

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

Contact Information

Dr. Melanie Reed
Assistant Dean, Student Affairs
Tel: 250.807.8789
Carri Folk
Student Affairs Coordinator
Tel: 250.807.9576

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